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French law is a civil law system based on the Napoleonic Code, with a dual system of public and private law.

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Comprehensive Guide to French Law for Businesses

Navigating the legal landscape in France is essential for any business looking to establish or expand operations in the country. Understanding French law, which encompasses various regulations and requirements distinct from EU and international law, is crucial for compliance and success. This guide provides an overview of key French legal aspects businesses need to know.

1. Business Formation and Structure

A. Types of Business Entities

B. Registration Process

2. Taxation

A. Corporate Tax (Impôt sur les Sociétés - IS)

B. Value Added Tax (VAT - Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée - TVA)

C. Other Taxes

3. Employment Law

A. Employment Contracts

B. Working Hours and Leave

C. Termination and Redundancy

4. Commercial Law

A. Commercial Contracts

B. Competition Law

5. Intellectual Property Law

A. Types of Intellectual Property

B. Registration Process

C. Enforcement

6. Data Protection Law

A. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

B. National Data Protection Authority (CNIL):

7. Dispute Resolution

A. Court System

B. Alternative Dispute Resolution

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